Winter Warmer Tawny August 8, 2018 – Posted in: Latest news

Winter is kicking in, time to crack out the Tawny on them chilly nights. Nothing beats sitting around a campfire with a nice glass of Tawny.

Aged Tawnys are wines usually made from red grapes that are aged in wooden barrels.  They are aged in wooden barrels to help them get oxygen through the liquid to give it nutty flavours. As a result of this oxidation, they will gradually change to a golden-brown colour. Aged Tawny ports are usually sweet or medium bodied and usually enjoyed as a dessert wine.

Australia might not have the longest history in making Tawny compared to other countries but it still definitely known for producing quality fortified wines. We make premium Tawny that is exported all over the world. We are known to be one of the top countries in making Tawny outside of Ports home Portugal.

Portugal ruled that only fortified made in Portugal could be called Port, which led to the name change. That is why in Australia we call it “Tawny”. This kind of national branding has occurred across many other fortified varieties. Sherry-style wines made outside of Spain are now “Apera”. Tokaji made outside of Hungary is now “Tokay” or “Topaque”.

Here at Caudo Vineyard we have our very own Tawny called “Eight Barrels Tawny”. It has spent 15 years in barrel. This larger than life Tawny deserves a larger than life bottle that is why it only comes in a 1.5L bottle. It is full, decadent and luscious with sweet marzipan notes. It’s an amazing mahogany brown with a deep caramel edge. A secret blend of Caudo’s exclusive Tawny aged on the property in eight large barrels over the years. It has toasty warm aromas of Christmas pudding, intense raisin and classic vanilla oak. Silky with a warming spice to finish it off so you can feel your whole body get nice and warm.

Tawny is usually drunk out of little glasses. You can get these cool little glasses with a spout to sip from. It allows you to enjoy your Tawny from the bottom of the glass so it doesn’t get a change to oxidise. They also look really snazzy. So sit back this winter and enjoy an amazing glass of Tawny in front of the fire place with your ugg boots on and a good book.

Author- Jade Henderson