Boners Sunshine Butter Smokey Sweet Rum , ,

Appearance: Golden like treasure
Aromas: Sweet vanilla and Caribbean spice, Tropical, Nannas baking – gingerbread and burnt butter
Body and flavour: Robust body ‘n spice that warms the ole chest, Smokey toffee, sweet vanilla and silky butter
Finish: Punchy flavours mellow to a smooth buttery finish
Comments: Enjoy in a short glass, neat or on the rocks. A splash of soda water ‘n fresh lime be a popular choice or ye can mix it with ice ‘n ginger ale.

Per bottle.


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Ahoy, me hearties! Ready yer sea legs and leave the landlubbers behind. Boner’s sunshine rum is an essential survival item for the murky Muz. Smokey sweet spiced buttery goodness for all the rapscallion and pillaging to be had. Made from imported Jamaican rum, then made better.


12 Pack, Single Pack