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Caudo Vineyard is situated in the Cadell Valley region of South Australia. Here we see on average 320 days of sunlight and blue skies each year. These conditions combined with nutrient rich soils and state of the art irrigation allows growing consistent premium quality wine while caring for the environment.
Fresh, zesty and vibrant is what we require for the River life. This field blend is no exception, full bodied and rich. Perfect for lazy days in the sun at the river’s edge. Our refreshing Semillon Chardonnay is best enjoyed in the heat of the day with the company of family and friends.


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Variety: 50% Semillon, 50% Chardonnay
Vintage: 2015
Block: Princess Diana & Queen Elisabeth 2
Wine making techniques: Picked at the same time and fermented together (field Blend). Fermented using only free run juice (separated from the skins)
Appearance: crisp clear pale lime green hue
PRIMARY AROMAS: Citrus notes of orange, but mainly lemon, slight overtones of apple
SECONDARY AROMAS: Slightly tropical and floral possibly from the type yeast used through ferment
TERTIARY AROMAS: Becoming more floral with age
BODY and flavour: light to medium body, smooth peachy notes.
TANNIN: minimal tannin
ACIDITY: The wine is just about dry, having a well balanced light zest
Finish: A more-ish wine with a complex finish. Lighty tart yet smoothed off with a buttery finish. The tartness lingers on making the mouth water for more.

  • Food pairing
  • Chicken and green beans
  • Yabbies
  • Creamy garlic prawns
  • Creamy Pasta carbonara
  • Cheese and crackers



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