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About Us. This brief introduction to the Caudo Family Vineyard details the history of the property, our commitment to quality, care for the environment and our determination to meet your exacting needs.

A quarter of a century ago the Caudo family had a dream to produce quality wine in south Australia, one of the best known wine regions in the world.
Today this dream has become reality. Caudo Vineyards is state of the art blending a care for the environment with the most modern wine production techniques to produce quality wine for world markets.

Based at hogwash bend in in the Mid Murray region of South Australia and close to the famous Barrossa Valley, Caudo Family Vineyard is a place where the bright Australian sun meets the cooling waters of the greatest river in Australia, The Mighty Murray River.

This river provides a rich lifeline between Australia’s ancient northern deserts and its fertile southern coastal regions. An age old crucible of life in a pristine environment, where a variety of unique wild life share an abundance of land with environmentally sensitive development. The perfect home for the Caudo vineyard, producers of premium quality wines. Caudo Vineyard is an acknowledged supplier of wines to local and overseas markets.

The Caudo Vineyard is situated in the Riverland wine region of South Australia, The ‘heartland’ of Australia’s wine industry. Much of Australia’s fine wine exported throughout the world is sourced from here, where the sun, soil and moisture combine for the perfect conditions to grow thousands of hectares of vines. Few wine regions in the world can boast these ideal conditions. This is the source of the Caudo Vineyard wine range.

Joe and Christine Caudo purchased the property in the mid 1980′s and it is divided up into four zones; four hundred acres of land, overlooking the river which forms the bulk of the vineyard and the cellar door. A further three hundred acres immediately adjacent make up the desert and sand dune country interspersed by natural bush land. While a further two hundred acres of low lying flood plain on the rivers edge team with a variety of Australian wild life.

Caudo Vineyard is regarded as one of the areas most historic and beautiful properties. The property was first developed in the late 1800′s, where its commanding position made it a natural wooding up point for the passing paddle steamers, it was known as Watchow’s Landing. Taking its name from Herman and Emma Watchow, Hardy pioneers of German extraction is typical of South Australia’s early settlers. The extremely hard work done by Herman and Emma Watchow are still evident even today at Caudo Vineyard. We have done our best here to preserve the history of the property erecting monuments for the Watchow’s and also helping to keep many of their old building’s standing. Evident with one visit to the property you will be able to see the original homestead built in the 1800′s, which now houses our extensive cellar and the smoke house where meat was cured. As the Watchow’s fortune increased, they developed the main homestead in which we still live today.

As life improved for the Watchow’s, Emma took to developing many rose gardens around the property, so much so the property became known as rose farm. A century later Caudo vineyard keeps the tradition alive through the presentation of our vineyard and logo. Caudo Vineyard carrying on the tradition of Watchow’s Landing for future generations.

At Caudo Vineyard the rich abundance of Australia’s unique wildlife from kangaroo’s to kookaburra’s are all on show. Magnificent stands of giant river Red Gums are home to countless flocks of Australia’s native bird species while the river itself supports many water birds such as ducks or pelicans sometimes numbered in their thousands. In this environment maintaining this ecological balance is imperative to the River Murray it’s self, a sixty million year old water source critical to water users and the environment.

Caudo Vineyard realises the Murray River must be preserved. As modern day Vigneron’s Caudo Vineyard has drawn on the expertise of world leaders in dry land agriculture. This has lead to the development of state of the art water management systems to maximise efficiency and minimise wastage, helping the environment to thrive. State of the art technology coupled with premium growing location minimises the threat of disease and allows us to provide consistent quality wines every year.

Caudo Vineyard is very versatile showcasing varieties such as

Our wine maker John Shwartzcoff is one of Australia’s leading wine makers, and utilises classic combinations of varietals with modern twists. John carefully blends the virtues to produce wine of outstanding quality and taste. The result is fruit driven, generously ripe and well-rounded wine.

Further varietals and blends are planned.

The River Murray once a super Highway for trade is now a playground for tourist’s to come and enjoy a range of activities. Caudo Vineyard has recognised this and developed one of the most amazing cellar doors in Australia. Situated perfectly on a bend in the river views are unmatched and it is the only cellar door, which has access via a boat. Caudo Vineyard houses many local and international events.

Underpinning this growth in tourism is the Caudo’s care for the environment and our deliberate policy of maintaining a haven for the areas wild life.
The Caudo Vineyard is committed to developing the river Murray sensitively for Future generation.

We look forward to meeting you soon.
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